Benefits of Travel Insurance

As a travel agent — I myself have often not bought travel insurance for my own trips thinking that the trip is not that expensive — so why spend additional money on insurance. If at the last minute I can’t make the trip it not that much of a financial loss. But recently I had a trip where one of the participants started on the trip but got very ill and needed hospitalization and medical transfer home.   It has somewhat changed my opinion on the need for travel insurance.  In this case the insurance helped with medical costs not covered by her personal insurance and it was well over $10,000. Not bad for an investment of $45. Of course, it as a personal decision as to whether to invest the additional money in insurance.  But when making the decision — don’t only think about cancellation prior to the trip — but such things as medical expenses while traveling, lost luggage and travel delays..My provider Travel guard also offers a car insurance add on for only $6 a day –  much less than you will pay at the car rental facilities.

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