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Las Vegas Transportation

Las Vegas is a great city for walking and seeing all of the amazing hotels, casinos, and just plain unusual sites, but it can be deceiving how far it is from one hotel to another. Through our many visits, we have taken just about every type of transporation you can think of. We tend to always just pick up one of the hundreds of taxis waiting outside of the airport to get us to our hotel. Depending on where you stay on the strip this ride will probably cost you around $30 including tip. Once at your hotel, there are several options to get around the city. Walking is definitely the best way to get around but some days it can be a long walk! The Duece is the double decker buses that run 24 hours a day and offer a variety of pass options from 1 day to weekly at a very reasonable price. These buses are very reliable and there are stops all over the strip. We bought 1 day passes and used them to go to Freemont street during the day, down to the opposite end of the strip that night and then finally down to New York  New York  for my traditional NY bagel the next morning. Talk about getting your money’s worth! We spent $7 each on the bus tickets and easily spent at least $150 in cab fares in year’s past for the same round trip. Taxi’s definitely have their time and place, but take it from me…you don’t want to get stuck in strip traffic while the taxi meter is running.